Trust Only A Dependable Supplier and Installer of Electrical Generators in Richmond

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You’ve long wanted an electrical generator. And, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you know how critically your family or business depends on a reliable, functioning source of electrical power. When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of generators, you similarly need to rely on a supplier and installer of electrical generators in Richmond who will be as reliable as the generator they install.

The benefits of a generator may seem obvious but not integral to your needs … that is, until you experience a power outage in the dead of winter or lose critical data on your computer network because of a black out. Ouch! Suddenly what might have previously seemed like a luxury now is a necessity. You want this investment to be a lifesaver and a money saver. So, not only do you want the most dependable generator, but you also are calling for the most reliable supplier and installer of electrical generators in Richmond.

One of the earmarks of the best provider of electrical generators in Richmond is a team with combined decades of experience handling the installation and repair of generators. You want this job done right—and you don’t need to discover that it hasn’t been when, in the midst of a blizzard, your power switches off and your generator never switches on. Also, rely only on a contractor who is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to meet your power needs whenever.

Another indicator of professionalism when it comes to electrical generators in Richmond is complete care, from installation of a new generator to the repair of an existing one. In addition, that electrical supplier comes equipped with transfer switches and generators in stock and maintenance contracts in hand, answering all your questions and needs.

Speaking of generators in stock, the world-class supplier of electrical generators in Richmond will offer you the most trusted name in the industry: Generac. Equipped with automatic power protection, Generac standby generators turn on automatically when the power goes out, protecting you and your family or place of work 24 hours a day, rain or shine. And backing the most trusted name in generators ought to be a contractor who guarantees all labor. In addition, ask your suppliers of electrical generators in Richmond whether their service staff and installers are Generac factory-certified technicians. Your constant power needs can’t ride on the record of someone who does guesswork with the generator that you are paying for.

When you call on a supplier and installer of electrical generators in Richmond, settle for nothing less than reliability, 24/7 dependability, experience, a turn-key complete care approach, the most trusted name in the industry, and factory-certified technicians.

RK Newman Electric Services Inc. offers expert electrical generators and also repair and installation service in Richmond.