A Personal Injury Lawyer in Stafford Can be of Tremendous Help in Putting Your Life Back Together

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If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person or a company, then you should contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stafford VA for immediate assistance. Preservation of the evidence is very important as is taking statements from any witnesses to the accident. Pictures depicting the scene should be made. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Stafford will know how to manage all of these actions for you. You should gather the names of witnesses who could testify about the cause of the accident.

The lawyer will gather your medical records so he can determine the extent of your injuries which is the basis for his actions on your behalf. He will also analyze the accident scene for factors which contributed to your accident. An attorney has many tools in his bag of advocacy for the injured. An aggressive attorney will use every one he has to use. You can be certain that the truth will come out when the attorney begins his examination of the accident.

He has a powerful tool to use to get at the truth and the facts which you may fear will never come out. This tool is the power of the deposition which is a court mandated process to be used once a complaint has been filed. The deposed party is under oath so they are most likley to tell the truth. If they decide to do otherwise, then they may face the truth in court which would put them in the position of committing perjury.

The Personal Injury Lawyer in Stafford VA will gather all of your medical records beginning with the EMS crew, the Emergency Room staff and the ongoing records of the treatment you are receiving. He may ask an expert to examine the records to provide a better understanding of your injuries. Medical experts recognized by the courts can testify about your injuries in a very convincing way.

The attorney will propose a settlement to the responsible parties and their insurance companies consisting of all of the evidence he has accumulated. An aggressive attorney can put the settlement in the light of what a jury would do with the case. This can be a compelling argument for settling, and if there is no settlement then your lawyer will be prepared for trial. Visit Harris Law Firm for more detail.