Animal Hospitals in Mesa, AZ: Take Care When Adding a Furry Friend to Your Family

There is nothing like a cute, cuddly, furry four-legged creature to bring joy to your home. Not only do they bring joy, however, they can bring a ton of headaches. While it’s important to start right in on loving, training, and accepting your new companion into your household, it is just as important to have him checked out at your local Animal Hospitals in Mesa, AZ.

You want to make sure and get off on the right foot with the new family pet, and that means scheduling a visit with the vet at the Animal Hospitals in Mesa, AZ right away. The first thing that your vet will do is a complete physical exam on your furry four-legged friend. This exam will help pinpoint any physical problems right away, such as skin problems or poor gait, allowing the vet to set up a treatment plan for your puppy right away.

You should expect a few things on your first trip to the Animal Hospitals in Mesa. The vet will do a certain amount of tests, these include:

  • A fecal screen to determine if your pet has any type of intestinal parasites
  • He will then start your pet on prescription deworming medicine to treat or prevent intestinal parasites.
  • Protecting your pet from flea and tick diseases
  • You can choose to have a microchip placed in your animal to keep him from becoming lost, and being unable to find him.
  • Depending on the age of your pet, tests could be run for kidney, liver, and pancreatic function and disease.

Vaccinations are also dependent on the age of the animal. Vaccination schedules and reasons can be very confusing, which is why it’s best to follow your vet’s recommendations. Some vaccines are required by law in many states. The rabies vaccine is one such vaccine. Most others are recommended, but may be required to get your pet into certain animal parks, and groomers.

Adopting a new pet can be fun, amazing, and will fill your home with love; however, you need to remember that along with loving a pet comes responsibilities that you don’t want to ignore. For more information, visit Family VetCare of Chandler.