Restore your smile with dentures

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If your natural teeth are missing or they are in a bad state then you may wish to wear dentures in Downers Grove. There are a number of reasons why an individual may turn to dentures including teeth which are decayed or broken beyond repair, failed root canals, periodontal disease which is advanced as well as fractured tooth roots.

Types of dentures:

There are two types of dentures available to the dentist, full and partial. As the name implies, a full denture is used when there are no teeth remaining in either the upper or lower dental arch. Partial dentures take advantage of any remaining natural teeth. Regardless of whether the denture is full or partial, they are made of the same materials. In the case of a partial denture, they are stabilized with clasps which anchor onto adjoining teeth, thus stabilizing the denture.

Managing with dentures:

There is no doubt that when you first wear dentures in Downers Grove you will find that you have to make certain adjustments in the first few months, after that you will become accustomed to them.

In the first month or two, stay away from food that requires heavy biting and grinding, stick with softer foods as much as possible. You may also find that due to the way dentures are made and the way they fit in the dental arch that your speech is affected. Once again, this problem solves itself, a good way to fast track your pronunciation is to read the evening newspaper out loud.

Over time your gums tend to shrink, when this happens your new dentures will feel loose, they may even begin to click as you eat and speak. This is perfectly natural and you need to return to the dentist for adjustment. The dentist will add material to the denture and reinsert it into the arch, he will then clean up any rough spots and they will be good again. Over time this procedure may have to be repeated as the denture can wear.

Denture care:

Your dentures will never decay but they can still have plaque buildup on them. Dentures, just like natural teeth require cleaning once or twice a day otherwise there will be a bacteria buildup which can cause irritation of the mouth tissue. Cleaning with toothpaste is fine although there are specialized cleaners available.