Dental Implants in Camp Hill PA Offer People Solid Root Replacements

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Many dental patients lose their teeth due to various dental disease and conditions such as gingivitis and tooth decay. Tooth loss can also occur due to an accident or a dental patient seeking an improved appearance. These dental implants in Camp Hill PA are root replacements for teeth that fuses . A dental implant is a dental device that provides a solid base to support a fixable or removable replacement too by fusing with the bones of the jaw it’s inserted into. This process is called osseointegration. Basically, osseointegration a biological process where the body accepts foreign material like it’s a natural part of the body. This enables the foreign material, the dental implant, to perform a necessary function so a person can eat, drink, and talk better.

Today, most dental implants are made from titanium since this metal is resistant to acids, salt solutions, and oxygen. The implant consists of a base that is screwed into the jawbone. This is attached to an abutment connector with a retaining screw. The part of the implant above the gumline is attached to a tooth replacement such as a crown, bridge, or denture.

When a person loses a tooth, the surrounding alveolar bone begins to disintegrate and melt away. This can other teeth to shift positions in the maxillary or mandibular arches. This can affect the teeth themselves in addition to the jaw, jaw muscles, and jaw joints. Getting a dental implant can help rebuild the bones of the mouth that provide structure for the rest of the head.

There are many advantages to receiving one or more dental implants in Camp Hill PA. A dental patient can enjoy increased aesthetic value due to the implants being able to support replacement teeth that are white, even, and pleasing in appearance. Dental implants assist a person in talking better due to the implants being permanent and fixed. Dentures sometimes move around in a person’s mouth. This causes a distortion in speech patterns that can embarrass a person. Also, dentures can be uncomfortable. Implants are in the position that tooth roots once were. This allows a person to to feel more comfortable.