A Portland OR Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help Make Insurance Compaines Pay Fair Claims

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Personal Injury

An accident can occur anywhere, from a car aimlessly drifting into your lane on the highway coming home from work to accidentally slipping and falling in the grocery store. One simply never knows where misfortune may strike. In fact, personal injury claims are rising at amazing rates because the general public is finally holding their fellow citizens accountable for their actions.

It’s not right for anyone to suffer pain and suffering, not to mention financial setbacks because of the neglect and mistakes of others. Many situations occur causing lower back pain, whiplash, migraine headaches, missed work, lost wages and long term chronic pain. Victims deserve to be compensated for the pain and suffering they’ve had to go through, the work they’ve had to miss and the additional medical bills they’ve had to incur, not to mention the bills they will continue to face as the years go by.

When the accident, dog bite, injury or neglect occurs, many people dismiss it as simply an accident, an act of God or “one of those things”, when in actuality, they need to be seeking the advice of a Personal Injury Lawyer Portland OR to discuss the legal options available to them. Insurance companies are not going to offer the victims one cent more than they absolutely have to, so it’s up to the victims to have an advocate in their corner to file claims on their behalf, pointing out the injuries they’ve sustained, the severity of the car accident, and how long they will be out of work.

When you’ve been injured, you may be out of work and lacking funds to seek an attorney. In many cases, you may be looking for lawyer who will work on contingency. In personal injury cases, many lawyers can offer you this type of payment term, so you can heal from your injuries and still seek the justice and compensation you deserve. Call an attorney and talk to them about the type of payment options they offer. In many cases, you will not have to pay an attorney until you win your settlement, making it easier for all people who have been injured to seek a lawyer for damages in their cases.

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