A Remanufactured Transmission Can Save You Money and Give You Peace of Mind

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One of the worst things that could happen when you’re rushing to work is for your vehicle to suddenly not start. If you later find out that it’s the transmission that has quit working, the news could feel like salt in the wound, as replacing a transmission can be expensive, yet you need a properly functioning transmission to keep your vehicle moving. A remanufactured transmission may be a wise choice when it comes to resolving your transmission problem.

Why Remanufactured Transmissions?
Remanufactured transmissions are used units that are totally disassembled and then rebuilt with new internal components. Meanwhile, the casing of the used unit is maintained. A remanufactured transmission offers major cost savings compared with buying a new unit; in fact, it can save you 50 percent-plus over the price of a brand new transmission. Modern transmissions can cost over $2,000 to $3,000, so the savings provided by a remanufactured transmission can be significant. Many remanufactured units also include warranties that last one year to three years, thus giving you a peace of mind when you drive away from the repair shop.

Other Benefits of Remanufacturing Transmissions
Another chief benefit of remanufactured transmissions is that they are environmentally friendly. Remanufacturing a unit requires less natural resource consumption and much less energy than producing a new unit. In fact, researchers say that remanufactured units use just a tenth of the natural resources and energy required to develop brand new ones.

Additional Remanufacturing Benefits
A company that remanufactures transmissions use technology that allows the new transmissions to be far more reliable and affordable than ever before. Large shipping and trucking companies actually often buy remanufactured transmissions for this very reason. As you long as you choose a company that has proven experience with remanufacturing these units, you can feel comfortable in knowing that you will receive a transmission that should be able to operate efficiently and effectively for a long time, possibly for as long as you keep your vehicle. The company should concentrate on making sure that your transmission needs are met in a timely fashion and by doing quality work.

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