Improve Your Biting and Chewing Ability With Help From a Dentist in Bridgeport CT

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Your teeth are important for so many things. They can easily improve your smile and help fill out the shape of your face, but most importantly, they function for properly biting and chewing the foods you eat. This is very important because well chewed food is an aid in proper digestion, and is required for getting the most nutrients out of the things you eat. Unfortunately, when your teeth are damaged, have cavities or otherwise cause you oral pain, it ruins your appetite and destroys your diet pattern. This is very bad for your health, and the first step to fixing the problem is to visit a Dentist Bridgeport CT.


The cure will depend on the exact problem. For instance, if your teeth have cavities, the dentist will need to remove any damaged dentin before filling or capping the tooth. If the damage is bad enough, the tooth may require a root canal. This treatment removes the pulp of the tooth and severs the nerve inside it. After this process the tooth will have a temporary filling to give everything time to heal. When you return to the dentist, he or she will remove the temporary filling and insert a permanent one. If the tooth has lost its shape or doesn’t have enough chewing area, the dentist will need to place a cap or crown over it.

There are many procedures a dentist can use to improve a patient’s bite or chewing ability. If you are missing teeth, or soon will be, then the dentist can use an implant to fill in the void. Dental implants use an inert material, usually titanium or plastic, as an anchoring stud in the jawbone. Once the implant has healed, a custom porcelain crown will be placed over the stud. This process is an excellent option when you have one or two missing teeth, but it doesn’t work well if all of the teeth are missing in a given area. In this case, the dentist will opt for implanting the securing studs where they can hold a dental plate. This provides the patient with a secure hold without excess strain on the jaw. If you need a Dentist Bridgeport CT, be sure to consult Larry I Gottlieb DDS. Check out our treanding videos on youtube.