A Small Magazine That is Meant for a Subcompact Means to Defense

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The Glock G43 is considered a subcompact pistol, which makes it easy to conceal carry. The pistol is made to be sturdy, despite its size. That means that the magazine that goes into it has to be just as rugged. The 9 mm pistol has been designed to be easily gripped when it needs to be used, such as in a self-defense situation. It is a little over six inches long, and it weighs about one and one-half pounds. That makes for a firearm that can be used by all people.

A Small Magazine

The G43 magazine is small, just like the pistol it is meant for, and can hold only six 9 mm rounds. The configuration is called single stack. While it has a smaller capacity, it can carry P+ rounds, which are designed to carry more of a punch. The magazine has a hardened steel insert with a polymer coating. There are extensions to be had, but the base magazine is designed to handle whatever you need.

Good Defense

Glock first became known for its pistols sold to the Austrian Army. The same care was put into all of its different pistols. The G43 may have a smaller size, but it is known for the same reliability. Part of the reliability comes from the G43 magazine. Most people never realize that importance. A subcompact pistol must have all of the parts working in unison, as there is nothing extraneous. That allows for trust when you have to wield your personal firearm in any situation that requires self-defense. That confidence will be on display to anyone who threatens you or your family’s life or safety.

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