How to Tell When You Need AC Repair in Morgan Hill, CA

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With the summer weather fast approaching, now is more critical than ever to ensure that our air conditioning units are working properly. One of the worst situations is to come home after a hard day work and burn up because your air conditioning isn’t working. There is a company that does Ac repair in Morgan Hill, CA and the surrounding areas that wants to tell you how to recognize when your air conditioner might need repairing or replacing.

The most obvious sign that your air conditioner is in need of servicing is when it no longer cools. No matter how high your thermostat is, or how high the fan is blowing, the air still refuses to cool. This is an obvious alert that your air conditioning unit needs someone to come out and look at it. Such problems could be that the Freon level in your unit is low, or that your compressor is going bad.

Another sign to watch for is little or no air flow. This could be anything from your compressor to your ductwork to debris being in the way. Ensure that there are no obstructions to the airways of your unit and call a repair person if necessary.

Moisture or leaking around your unit is another potential problem with your unit. It could be refrigerant, which could be potential health risks for you and your family. It could also be the drain tube which disposes of the condensation. While this may not be as serious a problem, it can potentially lead to mold which is more serious.

If your air conditioning unit is making strange noises, this is something that may need a service technician to come out and address. It could be anything from a motor bearing to a slipping belt.

Asco Service Inc provides quality heating and air conditioning repairs and replacement for residential and commercial customers in Morgan Hill, CA and other cities throughout California. They offer 24 hour emergency service and charge no extra for weekends. If you need Ac repair, heating or furnace repairs, replacements or maintenance, they are available.