Information about Dementia Care in Roslyn Assisted Living Centers

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As you get older, you may choose to live in a senior apartment building or you may need assisted living. Both of these choices allow you to live independently while getting the help and care you need when you need it. People who have Alzheimer’s disease need special care and when you live in an assisted living facility, you can also receive dementia care in Roslyn.

Q.) What types of amenities are available while living in a senior apartment?

A.) You’ll always have something to do because there are many activities available for you to enjoy. These include a health club, bistro, beauty shop, spa, business center with computers, theater and game room. The community also offers outings for any resident who wants to participate in these activities. There are laundry rooms available for use or you can have your laundry done for you. For a breath of fresh air, you can enjoy relaxing on the benches outside or take a stroll through the grounds.

Q.) What special services do you provide for patients with dementia?

A.) Specialized services are available for residents who have memory issues and the staff assists each patient with whatever is needed. Residents can receive help with dressing, bathing and taking medications. The staff will assist residents at meal time, with incontinence issues and getting in or out of bed. With dementia care in Roslyn, residents can live on their own with a caring staff available 24 hours a day.

Q.) What types of apartments are available at the assisted living center?

A.) There are one bedroom, two bedroom and studio apartments available for the residents. Each apartment is carpeted and fully furnished for a comfortable living experience. Residents have their own bathroom and shower for privacy. Every room has its own thermostat, so each resident can control the temperature of his or her apartment. At meal time, residents can eat in the dining hall or in their own room if preferred.

The Regency Assisted Living offers luxury apartments and assisted living for seniors in Roslyn and nearby areas. Visit them for more information about their services, the community and to view the apartments.