AC Contractor in Moore, OK Provides Professional HVAC Services

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Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems need regular servicing to ensure they are working properly when Moore area homeowners need them most. A well maintained AC system is far less likely to fail during the area’s hot summer months, and costs far less to operate than a neglected system. With today’s high energy costs, saving money while enjoying cool air should be at the top of all area homeowners’ priority lists. Contacting an AC Contractor in Moore OK at the beginning of each summer is recommended to better guarantee that the air conditioning will work properly throughout the summer months.


Even the best maintained systems can still suffer a breakdown during Moore’s hottest summer days.  Trained technicians can service all major brands, and will often be able to complete the repair in a single visit.

If an air conditioning repair is extensive, or if the system is simply beyond its useful life, the technician will provide area home or business owners with different repair or replacement options. Because so many older units are incredibly inefficient, it is often better to upgrade to a new unit by a quality manufacturer like Carrier. Not only will energy consumption be cut dramatically, but the chances of needing repairs any time in the near future are all but eliminated.

In the past, many systems were not sized properly. They were often over-sized, with the idea that having a larger capacity system would be beneficial. Over time, that idea has been proven false. Today’s AC professionals take the time to carefully match an air conditioning system with the building. That, in turn, often reduces energy use even more, as the system is actually allowed to function as it was designed.

No matter what the heating or cooling need, contacting an AC Contractor in Moore OK for advice is the first step home or business owners need to take. Trained heating and cooling specialists understand how each type of heating or cooling device is intended to operate, and work closely with property owners to see that all systems are functioning properly throughout the year. Contact TS Heat & Air Today.