What Do You Get with Short Term Serviced Apartments?

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Most people are unsure about what a short term serviced apartment really is. They may think it’s a regular apartment or like a hotel, though it’s actually both. The rooms are usually furnished completely, including television, DVD players, iron and the board, vacuum cleaners, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, bed linens, towels and crockery. In some cases, they will also have a washer and dryer, though some don’t. Along with everything else, the utilities are included in the rent, which includes water, electricity, gas, council taxes, licenses, Internet and maintenance fees. Many of these serviced apartments are also equipped with telephones, where you will be given a bill as would an average resident. However, you can always use your cellular phone.

Why It’s Like a Hotel

Short term stays in a hotel can make you refreshed, though you realize that everything in your room is the same. The serviced apartments are the same way, though you get a lot more room. There is usually daily or weekly housekeeping, just like a hotel. You can have the staff clean your rooms, make your bed, provide more towels and replenish used toiletries. Whether your apartment gets daily or weekly cleanings, you can also request they come round to provide you with more linens or towels whenever you run low.

The concierge of the apartment will act just like one from the hotel. They are able to call and get you reservations for taxis and other needs, and will likely be able to get you whatever you require. However, you may also choose to get your own travel accommodations, visit grocery stores and more.

Why It’s Like an Apartment

A regular apartment has separate sleeping areas for everyone and separate living areas, just like the short-term serviced apartments. You will likely have a kitchen separated by a living room, which is separated from all the bedrooms. In some cases, you will also have a dining room. You can choose between one-bedroom (studio), two and three bedrooms serviced options, just like you could a regular apartment.

Everything will be furnished for you, including beds, tables, chairs, and televisions. This is similar to some regular apartments that are furnished. Another similarity is that you will pay rent, just like an ordinary apartment. However, you will likely pay one fee for rent and all utilities instead of paying utilities separately.

For vacations and corporate needs, consider short term serviced apartments from Pearl Apartments. You will have everything you need for your stay of at least one month.