Adult Novelty Store In New Orleans, LA: The Spice Of life

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Intimacy brings people more joy than any other activity in this world. We relish alone time with our partners and look forward for the soft caresses and caring touches that we yearn for. When two people enjoy each others company it is a mutually exhilarating experience that can turn a quiet evening alone into a raging inferno of ecstasy of togetherness. An evening of erotica can become a passionate whirlwind of quenching desires and exploring levels of pleasure like never before. Couples everywhere will enjoy the refined indulgences available at Trace Of Love. The Adult Novelty Store in New Orleans, LA offers an assortment of goodies for lovers from all over the world to enjoy making bed time a chance for the most romantic play time.

The Adult Novelty Store in New Orleans, LA understands the need for discretion and respects your need for privacy. Uncompromising confidentiality is always the unspoken word and all purchases are placed in a nondescript bag to ensure your privacy at all times. There are an array of fun implements and goods to shop for in a private and well stocked store. Lotions, oils, pleasure devices of all shapes and sizes to choose from and other exciting opportunities await you when you come to shop. A professional and knowledgeable staff will assist you in locating DVD’S, books, bondage and even costumes for role play adding a little spice to rekindle that ole flame or just to add some variety when desired.

Adult Novelty Store in New Orleans, LA offers tasteful toys for one, two or more lovers in order to create exciting and unimaginable pleasure for those who seek guilt free loving. Release your passions with the many supplements available as well as sexual enhancers to take the pleasure zone up a notch.

The nights were made for lovers so why not experience it as it should be and indulge in playful endeavors with the lover of your choice? Games, restraints, novelties, gag gifts and even a toy chest is available so all of your midnight confessions and the tools thereof can be locked up tight safe and secure. Add some spice to your life and a zing to your step. Click here for more