Criminal lawyer in Royse City, TX: How To Invoke Your Right to Silence

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Chances are pretty good if you’ve watched any of the crime shows or police shows on television that you’ve seen cops slap their cuffs on someone and read them their rights. They tell them that they have the right to not talk and that anything they do choose to say can be used against them. When you were growing up and your mother told you not to believe everything you saw on television, she was right. Those arrest scenes you see on television are not usually how it happens.

When you get arrested and the police offer reads you your rights they are going to tell you that what you say can and will be used against you in court. They are going to tell you that you have the right to hire a Criminal lawyer in Royse City, TX area. The will tell you that if you cannot afford a criminal lawyer that the court will appoint a free or low cost one too them. You will also be told that if you do decide to talk to the police you have the right to stop the police interview whenever you want to.

One of the first things that a lot of people ask or tell their Criminal lawyer in Royse City, TX is that they were not read their Miranda rights when they were arrested. The police officer does not actually have to read you your Miranda rights when they arrest you. They just have to read you your rights before they interview you.

Unfortunately, you do have to be careful about how silent you choose to remain. In some states choosing not to say anything at all is considered an admission of guilt. This is why some lawyers are suggesting that you should do a little talking; you just need to be careful about what you say. If you are worried about saying the wrong thing you can just say you would be happy to talk, but you would feel more comfortable talking if your lawyer was present first. Then, you are not admitting guilt you are just using your right to have legal representation present.