Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening Crum Lynne Services

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Tired of hiding your teeth from others? Embarassed by yellow teeth? A brighter, whiter smile not only helps your appearance but your self-confidence. Although there are a lot of over the counter tooth whitening products, they do not predictably whiten teeth. The best way to get a beautiful white smile is with professional Teeth Whitening Crum lynne cosmetic dental services.

What Consumer Reports Found Out

Trusted review magazine Consumer Reports published an extensive report of at-home tooth whitening strips, rinses, gels, tray kits and toothpastes. Their 82 volunteers discovered that over the counter tooth whitening products could not predictably change the appearance of their teeth. Lights claiming to whiten teeth were the least effective. Products were messy and sometimes did not fit. Instructions could be confusing. Teeth and gums often felt sore afterwards.

Getting It Done Right

At-home tooth whitening products expect all mouths to be alike. However, your teeth are different from anyone else’s teeth. The big advantage of getting teeth whitening done by a dentist is that the dentist treats your mouth as unique. Systems can be tailored to fit your mouth. Hygienists and dentists make sure that the products are used correctly. You’re not just buying a tooth whitening treatment but also your dentist’s considerable knowledge from years of training and practice with the whitening systems.

Good Candidates for Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening is not for everyone. The best candidates still have their natural teeth and have yellow stains instead of grey or blue stains. Some people who took certain antibiotics as small children may also be bad candidates for professional tooth whitening systems. Ask your general dentist in Crum lynne about the best tooth whitening options for your unique needs.

Financing Available

In order to get the best results, you will need several tooth whitening treatments. Be sure you know how much this costs before you agree to the treatments. There are many ways to pay for tooth whitening treatments including major credit cards and dental financing. Call, email or stop by your dentist’s office to see what payment options are available to you.