Teeth Whitening Wildwood: Turn Back the Hands of Time with a Bright Smile

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Dentist

A bright, white smile always makes a great first impression. Everyone strives for a beautiful smile, and white teeth are a symbol of health and youth. Teeth, however, age just like the rest of our body. As you get older, regular wear and tear leaves teeth with unsightly yellow or brown stains that don’t disappear with regular brushing and flossing. The only way to permanently turn back the hands of time is with a professional Teeth Whitening Wildwood treatment.

The majority of tooth discoloration is caused by the aging process. Teeth are composed of porous bone that is covered with a hard enamel. Over time, the surface may change in color due to dietary habits, genetics or tobacco use. Anything put in your mouth may be absorbed by the porous material, leaving behind an unwanted stain. While brushing may remove some surface stains, it will not get rid of these deeper spots. There are numerous over-the-counter whitening products, but the only way to effectively remove these stains is through an in-office, professional teeth whitening session.

During a treatment, a family dentist in Wildwood will prepare your mouth for the whitening gel. A protective cream may be applied to your gum tissue before the solution is placed on your teeth. The whitening gel is then added to dental trays that completely cover the teeth. Some dentists may use a special light to speed up the process. After the gel has had time to bleach the stains, the dentist thoroughly cleans it off of the teeth. Patients may be given more of the gel to use at home. Some cold sensitivity is common after tooth whitening and will lessen over time. The results of professional whitening vary from person to person. Yellow stains seem to fade quicker, while darker stains may need several treatments for optimal results. Stains caused by antibiotics or damaged teeth may not respond to whitening products.

A white smile is easily maintained with proper dental hygiene. Limit consumption of coffee, tea and red wine, all of which are notorious for staining teeth. See your dentist twice a year for a deep cleaning. If you are looking for a brighter smile, consider scheduling a consultation with a local Teeth Whitening Wildwood dental office.

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