Air Conditioning Repair in Glenview: 4 Important Services Offered by an AC Technician

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The quality of indoor air in your home is very important. Therefore, you should do all that is necessary to ensure that your AC works perfectly. Working on air conditioning in your home will involve installing a reliable central air conditioning system. Some people will prefer having an HVAC system since it saves on energy costs. Whether you have an HVAC or a central air conditioning unit, you will need air conditioning repair in Glenview at some point in its life. When this happens, the technician will check the system for the following:

Inspecting parts for obstructions

The ducts and filters should be inspected on a regular basis. Obstructions make them stop functioning well, and cleaning can really help. The air blowers can also get obstructed, and you will know this when there is no fresh air in the house. Coils can also have dirt and spider webs that lower their efficiency. Your system should therefore be in an accessible place for easy cleaning.

Looking for leaks

The system can have leaks if the pipes are cracked. In the case of the outdoor unit, sometimes ice or snow accumulates and causes the coils to expand and sometimes break. This will cause a leak in the system and one could mistake this for plumbing problems. You should therefore check your system more vigilantly in winter to ensure that it is working well.

Examining outdoor handlers

These are very susceptible to clogging all the time. The presence of leaves, dirt and other debris may clog them and stop them from functioning. Air filters need to be changed after every three months if they are temporary. Permanent ones should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging. This will ensure that they always function well and bring fresh air into the house.

Cracks and broken sealants

These can occur around the furnace or even the air conditioning system, and they should be checked regularly. Some of them can be easily sealed while in other times you will have to replace the part. Professional maintenance is also important to be aware of the damage before it’s too serious. Sometimes it might be too late for repair and replacement is the only option.

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