Foundation Contractors in Houston TX Offer Free Evaluations

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There are many things that can effect the integrity of your house foundation. Leaks, poor drainage, shifting and tree root systems are a few examples. It is possible to have a problem with the foundation and not even realize it. Your house can actually be shifting and/or sinking bit by bit and you may not even know it. That certainly sounds dangerous. What does it all mean? It means that an inspection of the foundation is a good idea, especially if you have never had one done. Sure, an inspection was done before the house was sold to you, but how long have you lived in that house? Time to think about it now that it has been brought to your attention.

Foundation Contractors in Houston TX can put your mind at ease with a free evaluation of your foundation. The process is two-fold and straight forward. A professional engineer will inspect the outside of the foundation for any signs damage such as leaks, cracks or root damage from large trees. The second step is an inspection of the inside of the house where the floor is measured every 6-8 feet to see if the house is shifting or sinking. They will determine if it is still level or not. At that point, they will discuss the evaluation and you take the information and go from there. Estimates are free.

Residential and commercial services are available and the process is pretty much the same for both situations. If you are building, the engineers design a foundation based on the property site, ground/soil conditions and the needs of the business or home. A written evaluation, or “engineer’s report” is provided at a cost of approximately $375.00. Foundation Contractors in Houston TX strive for full customer satisfaction. Safety and efficiency are top priorities and services come with a lifetime warranty. Don’t put this off. With free evaluations and estimates comes free peace of mind. Why run the risk of costly, unexpected repairs when you can prevent disaster from happening? Discover this info here and know the real situation. You will be glad you did.