Air Conditioning Units Require Regular Inspections

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Your home or business air conditioning unit plays a major role in how comfortable you and those around you will be this summer. It’s easy to take for granted the refreshingly cool air that comes from your unit when it’s working correctly. When it’s hot and humid, AC is something most people appreciate. Taking the proper preventive steps can help you to keep your air conditioning unit performing at its optimum level. If your unit does stop working unexpectedly, hiring the right team of professionals—those who have extensive experience with fixing air conditioning units—is essential for getting your unit back on track.

Yearly Inspections
The best way to keep your air conditioner from suddenly quitting is to have an expert check various parts of the unit. The summer cooling check should include checking the machine’s operating pressures and installing gauges as needed. The technician should also be able to check the amperage and voltage to all of your motors in addition to checking the evaporator. The evaporator is the part of the air conditioner that takes heat from the vicinity that you are trying to cool down. In addition, you should make sure that each moving part of your air conditioner is lubricated.

Other Inspection Points
Another important part of preventing your air conditioner from malfunctioning is making sure that your filters are checked. All connections and wiring should also be checked along with your electrical lockout circuits. Be sure that a technician additionally verifies that your thermostat is operating properly. Furthermore, the condensate drain should also be open, and the air temperature detected across your condenser should meet your technician’s standard. A reputable company will provide a detailed report explaining the equipment’s general condition to you as well.

A common problem with air conditioning units is that the refrigerant charge isn’t adequate or there is a leak that needs repair. The refrigerant is your unit’s cooling medium, and in most air conditioning units, it is Freon. It’s imperative that your Freon level is checked regularly for the sake of your wallet. That’s because a 10 percent loss of this refrigerant can increase your electrical costs by 20 percent as well as cause unnecessary wear on your air conditioner.

What You Can Expect
The best air conditioner repair companies will work hard to address any issues you have as well as take steps to increase your unit’s lifespan. By keeping the unit clean, you not only will keep it working efficiently but also can actually trim your home’s or business’ utility bills in the long run. With help from the right company, you can finish out your summer strong, knowing that your air conditioning unit will remain reliable when you need it the most.

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