Why Gramercy Park is an Excellent Place to Live

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There are many reasons why individuals may choose to live in Gramercy Park. Located in Manhattan, New York City, United States, the park is part of the historic district of New York City. Currently, the park is more than 2 acres large, and is one of few private parks currently located within the city. Only individuals who reside around the park and pay a yearly access fee are permitted. The grounds is surrounded by some of the most prestigious apartments and condominiums in the area.

The park was actually one of the earliest attempts in the history of the United States at city planning. The park was held in trust for those that built homes around it, and stands out as a unique icon within New York City. The neighborhood sits squarely between Manhattan Community Board 5 and Manhattan community board six. Generally, the areas seen as an extremely nice, safe, and quiet area.

Lots of History

If you are a historical buff, the park is an excellent place to live and is steeped in history. Once the middle of the swamp, the area began to be developed in 1831. It grew up in what would later become Manhattan, New York. The park contains a number of monuments, including a sculpture of one of the park’s earliest inhabitants and most prestigious occupants, Edwin Booth, a brother of John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln.

Access to Gramercy Park

Living in the area grants individuals that are willing to pay a yearly fee access to one of only two private parks in all of New York City. The park is surrounded by 39 different structures, most of which are apartments and condominiums. Two keys to the park are allocated to individuals that live in the original lots that surround the park. Owners are also able to buy additional keys for a small fee.

Live in Manhattan

One of the biggest benefits of living in the Gramercy Park area is the fact that you get to live in the middle of Manhattan, one of the busiest and most lively places on earth. The neighborhood is regarded as quiet and safe, and just a short walk or car ride from some of the largest attractions that New York City has to offer.

If you are interested in moving to the Gramercy Park area, there are many benefits that are provided when you live in the area. Consider the fact that there is lots of history surrounding the founding and building of the park, that access to the park is available to those that live in the area, and the fact that you get to live in downtown Manhattan.