All About Eye Care Professionals

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There are three types of eye care professionals, all of whom play a different role. What are the differences between an Ophthalmologist, an Optometrist in Pender NE and an Optician? It can be somewhat confusing as they all play an integral part of vision and eye care.

Sight is often something that is taken for granted and it is a highly treasured sense. To maintain your vision it is important that you care for your eyes by making regular trips to an eye doctor for routine examinations. By having exams on an annual basis, if there is a progressive problem with your eyes then early treatment will be advised. The thing is; what kind of eye professional will you go to, what are the differences between them? Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Opticians all play different roles; they have different training as well as different areas of expertise.

Here is a brief synopsis of the differences:

Ophthalmologist: This professional treats the eyes surgically and medically. These professionals are medical doctors, they have been trained to diagnose and treat eye conditions surgically. They also can give eye examinations and prescribe various optical appliances such as contact lenses and glasses. An ophthalmologist has four years of medical school after graduation from college plus another year as an intern and can take up to three more years of specialized training.

Optometrist: The optometrist in Pender NE is a type of eye doctor that focuses on vision problems. These professionals conduct tests and eye exams, diagnose and treat various problems associated with the eye. After college, the budding Optometrist will attend four years of Optometry College, receiving a degree as a doctor of Optometry. People visit the optometrist to have their eyes checked and if a problem is found, a prescription is written for corrective lenses and contact lenses. If their diagnosis suggests that surgery is required, they will refer the patient to an Ophthalmologist for treatment.

Optician: An optician is a technician who actually makes the glasses that have been prescribed by the Optometrist. As these individuals are not doctors they cannot perform eye examinations or diagnose a patient. The Optician is charged with the responsibility of creating the lenses that will match the prescription and fit in the frames that were selected by the patient.

If you need to have your eyes checked then you are invited to visit us. The doctor is an Optometrist in Pender NE, he and his team will provide excellent eye care for you and your family.