An EDR Can Help Your Car Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY Settle Your Claim

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Most people who drive new cars already have an event data recorder installed on their vehicle. These devices are similar to the black boxes used on aircraft and can provide important data that a Car Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY can use to prove you were not at responsible for your own injuries.

The EDR on your car or truck can record the seconds before and after an accident so you can easily prove that you attempted to stop, swerve or otherwise avoid the accident that caused your serious injuries. This information can be vital to your case if crash scene investigators are unable to determine the cause of the crash. The report, along with witness testimony, can help your attorney settle your claim quickly and possible avoid a trial.

Event data recorders may also be useful in one car crashes. If your vehicle malfunctions and causes you to lose control, your actions in the seconds before the crash will be recorded so they can be analyzed by investigators. Whether you crashed because your brakes failed or because your car accelerated on its own, your Car Accident Attorney in Suffolk County NY can use the EDR data to prove you were not responsible.

When more cars have EDRs installed in them, the roads may be safer for all drivers. Drivers who are aware that their actions can be recorded and used against them if they are in a crash may drive more carefully. Serious crashes may become less common as drivers learn that fault is easier to prove and they are more likely to be held responsible if they take risks on the road.

Drivers who own new vehicles that have factory installed event data recorders should contact an attorney such as The Law Offices of Mark T. Freeley after a crash that involves serious injuries. You have the right to be compensated and your lawyer may help you reach a settlement with the other driver’s insurance company quickly so you can get the money you need to pay your doctors for your current and future medical care, including rehabilitation and any necessary therapy.