Tips on Durable Air Conditioning Maintenance in Atlanta GA

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Air Conditioning

The lifespan of your air conditioning system depends on how you maintain it. Operation manuals provide crucial information on maintenance. Expert technicians have gathered tips from different environments to provide a practical approach to maintenance.

Freon levels

Most air conditioning systems do not require replacement of Freon. It is, however, paramount to constantly check these areas for any leakage. Reduction in the level of Freon causes erratic performance or a total breakdown. The best person to conduct the check is a trained technician. He identifies the extent of leakage and corrects the area to restore the unit’s effectiveness.

Clean the Vents

The operation mechanism of air conditioning systems is to draw warm air for cooling. Accumulation of dust around this area reduces effectiveness and sensitivity to temperature. Regular cleaning is required with the frequency being dependent on the environment you are operating. A technician in Air Conditioning Maintenance in Atlanta GA can effectively perform this task.

Check The Condenser Coil

A vacuum cleaner is used for clearing the condenser coil. Use of water is not advisable because of the possibility of damaging the motor. There are other electrical circuits that are likely to be damaged when water is used. The fins are straightened using a brush to keep them in position.

Change Filters Regularly

Air conditioning systems depend on filters to provide high quality air. Regular use causes dust and other debris to accumulate. This affects their effectiveness beyond making them less sensitive. Seasoned technicians in Air Conditioning Maintenance in Atlanta GA assist with the calibration of thermostats.

Clear Obstacles From Vents

The surrounding is likely to block the path towards the vent. Possible obstacles include trees and shrubs. They must be cleared to prevent dropping of leaves and other debris into the vent. Brushes can be used to clear the vent.

Comprehensive Checkup

A complete checkup is advised on regular basis. It helps to address issues that were not spotted when particular areas were problematic. This checkup helps to tighten loose areas and assess the status of all parts.

Any issue with your air conditioning system should receive the attention of your technician. You may also read more here to understand the services they offer in repair and maintenance.

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