Anyone Could Suffer A Personal Injury In Rockford, IL

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Law Services

The city of Rockford in Illinois has something of an up and down reputation. It is often referred to as “The Forest City” which makes it sound like a rural retreat, when, in fact it is the second most populated city in Illinois (after Chicago). From the late 1800’sthrough to the mid-1900’s, Rockford was very much a center of industry – particularly in the fields of furniture and agricultural machinery. Those industries declined but industrial employment was maintained by newer industries coming to Rockford.

By 1949, Rockford was being described by Life Magazine as – “nearly typical as any city can be”. However, the city’s fortunes changed and, towards the end of the 1980’s, Rockford was even listed as being amongst the 10 worst cities in the land. Crime and homicide rates were high in many areas and, by 2013, Forbes were rating Rockford as the third most miserable city in America.

As if this wasn’t enough, the city has been subjected to severe flooding in recent years with subsequent loss of life and property damage. All in all, Rockford sounds like a place where your chances of encountering personal injury could be fairly high.

On top of this, there are the many risks associated with modern living. Injury caused by some form of automobile accident. Injuries incurred from machinery in the workplace. Even slipping or falling in public places. It is also not unheard of for people to be injured in their own homes while operating some form of domestic appliance (and how about being bitten by your neighbor’s dog?).

So Many Opportunities To Be Injured

If the injury is slight, then most of us will shrug it off but, all too often, an injury will cause us some financial outlay. Things like hospital bills, loss of wages from having to take time off for recovery and/or treatment purposes, plus, a host of other incidentals that would not have been needed if the injury had never happened.

Who Is Going To Foot The Bill?

Even if the injury was basically our own fault, we all hope that an insurance company will pick up the tab. If we were totally blameless in the cause of the injury, then, we will be looking for someone else to lay the blame on so that we can get compensation from them.

However, it is rarely easy to convince someone else to pay for your misfortunes arising from personal injury in Rockford, IL. Even if you believe that you are well insured, there could well be many “formalities” that you will need to satisfy before you receive a single cent in compensation. This may be even more complicated when trying to claim for personal injury in Rockford, IL against a third party. In such cases, you would be well advised to, at least, discuss the matter with a personal injury lawyer.

If you feel entitled to compensation for personal injury in Rockford, IL, why not discuss this with a lawyer? Click here for more information.

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