What Happens During Dental Oral Surgery Butler PA

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Dentistry

Dental oral surgery Butler PA, for most of us, is connected exclusively with the removal of teeth. However, oral surgery involves an extensive set of services connected not only with teeth removal, but, the conservation and even restoration of teeth as well. It just seems that the removal is quick and easy but the reality is different. This is because teeth are like nothing else the body has.


The front teeth are usually easily removed, as they have a direct root. Others have four and sometimes five roots, which keep the tooth in place to allow chewing. If you need these teeth removed, most likely your dentist will consider this a “complex removal”. The hardest removal concerning dental oral surgery Butler PA is dealing with an impacted tooth.

Most often these impacted teeth are the eighth teeth or “wisdom teeth”. If they lay quietly and do not disturb the patient, then dentists will not touch them. But it often happens that germs suddenly inflame the dentin or gums, putting pressure on the jawbone. This will cause the patient to start having severe pain. That is when dental oral surgery Butler PA is needed even though it is a very difficult procedure. These teeth need to be “cut out” of their “bed”, which has ceased to hold the tooth.

How can dental oral surgery Butler PA save your teeth? Procedures consist of operations to saving broken teeth. Most often the latter happens with front teeth though. If this situation occurs, you must urgently go to the dentist or dental surgeon who can repair the broken tooth immediately. Dental surgery deals with a massive amount of recovery. For example, removing teeth could cause advanced periodontal or bone tissue problems. These operations, and other like issues, should be dealt with prior to implantation.

Most often, the wonders of dental surgery are recommended by a doctor, along with a plan of treatment. This is followed by the recovery process. In this sense, the dentist or surgeon needs the help of the patient to ensure that everything goes according to plan after the procedure is performed.

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