Speed Date Like a Pro

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Speed dating may seem like it is a joke, but it is actually a great way to meet singles in a fast-paced manner. Of course unlike dating at your own pace, speed dating gives you the opportunity to meet more people in one night and walk away with more potential dates. You can enjoy speed dating in Providence when it is hosted by professional dating services. The people that show up are guaranteed to be legitimate singles looking for a love match just like you. You should prepare for a speed dating session and make sure you are ready for the event by following a few simple tips.

Make Sure You Look Great

You should treat speed dating like you would treat a regular date. You still need to look and feel great. Let your personality shine through with your manner of dress, holding true to your style. You have a few minutes to make a good impression so come well groomed and with a good attitude. Most of all make sure you behave like yourself and do not put on any airs. This will be more noticeable than anything else.

Do Not Forget to Smile

When you smile it literally brightens your whole face and mood. You do not have to be excited about the person in front of you, in fact if they are not your type smile anyway. At least you will have left a good impression and set the other person at ease too. You never know when your beautiful smile may just be the one that makes another speed dater fall head over heels for you.

Control Your Body Language

Do not slump in your seat or cross your arms and look bored. You are at a speed dating event to meet new people and possibly find someone to date. So sit up straight and show that you have interest in the person you are conversing with. Sure you may be nervous, but you do not have to show that either. Try not to tap your fingers, play with a pen, or tap your foot too much. Instead focus on the other person and enjoy conversing.

Keep Up with Conversations

Conversations take two people. Try to avoid asking questions that are cliché or speed date killers. Instead make sure your questions are open ended and entice another person to engage in a decent conversation with you. You should also be prepared to answer any questions that you may ask. After all, it is only fair that you share yourself with others too.

Lunch Dates offers singles the option of speed dating in Providence. When you want to meet a lot of singles at one time, speed dating is the perfect option for you.