Are Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles The Same?

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Porcelain and ceramic tiles have certain common features but they are not the same, one major difference between the two is they are made. The process used to make porcelain tiles in Brooklyn is such that the resulting tile is harder than its ceramic counterpart, thus more durable. Because porcelain tiles are harder, they are also more difficult to install as they do not cut as easy. Some porcelain tiles have full body designs; this means that the patterns go through the tile, ceramic tiles on the other hand usually only have the pattern on the exposed surface.

Both of these tiles are made from clay and they both are fired in a kiln. Porcelain tiles use a clay material which is more refined and the tiles are fired at a higher kiln temperature. A combination of a more refined raw material and higher firing temperatures result in a tile that is hard and does not absorb water. The absorption rate is important because the less water that is absorbed by the tile the better it is at combating the effects of frost and the tile is more resistant to stains. As a result of having an absorption rate less than 0.05% it is an ideal tile for outdoor use.

The methods used to install porcelain tiles is also different than the way ceramic tiles are laid. Ceramic tiles normally have a pattern which is only on the top surface of the tile, if the tile chips or is installed with a visible cut edge then the clay color will show, not the surface color or design. Porcelain tiles have full body color and as such, if they are chipped the same pattern appears as the pattern is all the way through the tile.

Durability is another factor to take into account. As porcelain tiles are harder they tend to be more durable as well than unglazed ceramic. When ceramics are glazed however they can be as durable if not more so than porcelain tiles in Brooklyn. There is a tendency to use ceramic tiles on walls and areas with light foot traffic, porcelain tiles on the other hand can be used in all applications from low to high traffic in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Ceramic tiles due to their being softer can cut easier so they are easier than porcelain tiles to install, furthermore porcelain tiles have to use a special bonding material to ensure a good installation. For these reasons ceramic tiles are fine for a DIY installation but porcelain tiles should be left to the pros.

Porcelain tiles in Brooklyn are available in sizes up to 24 inches square. These tiles make attractive and durable floors that can look like wood or stone. Porcelain tiles are available from stock at Italian Tile NYC.