What to Expect When You Sell A Diamond in Alpharetta

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Many people have those mementos from former relationships laying around the house, just cluttering it up. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want to wear that diamond necklace your ex gave you around your new love, would you? Instead of letting it gather dust in your jewelry box, simply taking up space, why not sell it, take the money and buy something you could truly enjoy? If you’re looking to sell a diamond in Alpharetta, there are a couple of steps you can take to ensure you get the most money for your piece of jewelry or loose diamond.


First, decide if you want to sell a diamond in Alpharetta or if you simply want to get a loan on the piece of jewelry. Know ahead of time that you’re going to receive more money on the item if you sell it, but of course, you won’t receive the item back. It’s always a danger, taking out loan on a piece of jewelry that may have sentimental value attached to it, as there’s a danger you could default on the loan and lose the item in the process. Furthermore, you must realize sentimentality cannot be factored into an appraisal. The diamond may represent far more than the actual gemstone itself, having special meaning to you which cannot be replaced by a dollar amount.


Of course, it should go without saying you should take the actual jewelry piece with you, even if you’re just going to get an appraisal. A photo will not suffice. Additionally, take any diamond laboratory certifications you posses such as GIA or EGL. To maximize your purchase offer or loan amount, also include any previous appraisals you’ve had completed on the jewelry, the original paperwork from where it was purchased, the box it came in, and any extra links or accessories that came with the item.

A professional evaluation should be conducted by an expert in his field. They should be able to immediately examine your items in a safe, comfortable atmosphere, giving you assurance that the price you’re offered is the best possible price for the jewelry in hand.