Auto Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City Talks About Disturbing Accident Statistics

When you get into an auto accident, the last thing running through your mind is who is going to sue you or who you are going to sue. You are wondering if anyone is hurt, and maybe if your car is going to be driveable. However, there are cases when it isn’t clear who is at fault; what is more, you are hurt more than you realize, and you need to be compensated. In such cases, you should call upon a lawyer who will be able to help you navigate through all of the turmoil and confusion, and offer you the help you need. If you are in Oklahoma, the Homsey Law Center has an Auto Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who will be glad to represent you and help you get what you deserve. They want to tell you about some common vehicle accidents.

* Automobile accidents account for over one million deaths annually and are believed to be at fault for over 40 million related injuries yearly.

* There are a lot of accidents in which tractor trailers are involved. 1/8 of all traffic related fatalities are because of tractor trailers. One percent of the 500,000 trucking accidents in the United States result in fatalities.

* A lot of traffic accidents and incidents are because of being alcohol or drug use related. An estimated 30% of Americans will be involved in an accident due to an intoxicated person on the road.

* Another number of accidents on the road involve a pedestrian and an automobile. Over 600,000 of the people killed yearly in road related accidents worldwide are pedestrians.

As you can see, these statistics are disturbing. What will be more disturbing is if you are one of the victims involved in the accident, or if one of your loved ones is killed in one of these fatalities, and you are unable to get compensated. The Homsey Law Center will provide an accident lawyer to assist you in bringing closure to your accident case. They also provide services in personal injury, workers’ compensation, defective products and other related cases. For an Auto Accident Attorney in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, you can contact The Homsey Law Center at their location or visit their website for more information,

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