Making sure you get the right toner cartridge

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Most companies that manufacture printers offer a number of different toner cartridges for each model, these various cartridges have different specifications, primarily when it comes to the number of prints possible from the cartridge. From a convenience point of view, most people wish to get the maximum number of prints out of each printer cartridge. When the printer is initially purchased it comes complete with a pre-filled cartridge, once it has reached its print limit it is necessary to replace it. Many people elect to purchase a new OEM cartridge from their retailer; others will opt for cartridges which have been refilled. Although the same cartridge may fit different models within a manufacturer’s range of products, they simply will not fit printers made by different companies.

In most cases your choices for printer cartridges are based on print quantity. Although the printer cartridge may appear to be identical, it is usually possible to purchase one that may guarantee 1000 prints and another that guarantees 1500 prints. The choice is the users and the difference is cartridge cost but the difference in cost is usually quite small and the cartridge that gives the greater number of prints usually is the most economical when the view is cost per print.

There are two choices when it comes to replacement cartridges, one manufactured by the printer company and one which is refilled. The printer company will always suggest that you use OEM replacements and they allude to consistent quality of their products. There are some printer companies that go so far as to invalidate the warranty on the machine if OEM cartridges are not used. As printers are no longer an expensive proposition there are many who opt for saving money by using cartridges that have been refilled, in most cases the refilled product provides excellent results.

Several printers use different cartridges depending on the job that the printer is expected to do. There are printers that use a different cartridge for text and different cartridges for photo printing. Although the test printing version will be somewhat less expensive, if the bulk of your work is text with only periodic photo printing, this is usually the best option. Professional photo printers will definitely opt for the highest quality printer cartridge.

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