Avoiding Pain with Proper Ergonomics

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Did you know that there is a chance that much of the pain you might experience is due to improper ergonomics? Ergonomics is a science focused on work place efficiency and when not handled properly can lead to issues from carpal tunnel syndrome to stiff necks. The massage therapists Peabody MA use can offer some tips to avoiding pain using proper ergonomics.

Going to work

Proper ergonomics begin even before your get to work. During your commute it is important to consider your mode of transportation. If you are using public transit be sure to wear good walking shoes to lessen tension from walking and standing. If you prefer heels keep shoes at work or travel with them so you can change when you arrive. Men can use inserts in their shoes so do not need to worry about runners and suits. Be certain you hold on properly when standing on moving buses and trains and use proper balance and handrails on escalators and stairs. If you drive sit with your back placed firmly against the back of your seat and consider placing a rolled towel or ergonomic pillow at the base of your back for extra support. This is especially important for longer commutes.

Desk Jobs

If you have a desk job be certain your feet are always positioned flat on the floor when sitting. Your computer monitor should be at a 15 degree angle so it is always at the proper eye level. This will avoid strain on your eyes and neck. Your lower back must be supported and your hands and forearms should be kept straight when using your keyboard. Consider getting an ergonomic pillow for your back or keep a towel rolled at the base of your chair.


Standing all day puts plenty of stress on your entire body. Standing in a “neutral position” will keep your body relaxed. This can take some concentration at first but you will get the hang of it. You want your neck to always be in line with your spine. Your shoulders should always be relaxed not hunched forward or back. It might sound odd but if possible try to stand with a slight bend to your knees. You will be surprised at how it alleviates back and hip pain.

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