Ensure Your Walls Are Smooth With Quality Drywall in Long Beach

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One of the most common materials used in the construction of homes and businesses is drywall. Drywall in Long Beach has a variety of names and several common types, but it is primarily known as gypsum board or sheetrock. It is typically a gypsum plaster pressed between two thick pieces of paper although other materials have been used in it’s manufacture. It’s primary purpose is the covering of interior walls and ceilings because it is easy to finish and easy to cover small cracks, gaps or other damage. It’s major problem is it’s lack of resistance to water. In fact, water tends to make gypsum swell and crumble which usually requires more excessive repairs to remove any damaged sheetrock.

Repairing drywall can be difficult because it is usually placed directly over the studs in the wall. This means that you need to remove enough of the material to lay the replacement up against the studs for support. Because drywall has no support of it’s own it can’t simply be spliced together to make a repair. This would leave a weak spot in the wall which would show whenever the building shifts. Of course, this doesn’t mean that drywall isn’t a great interior covering. In fact, it’s one of the best because it provides some sound and temperature insulation and it’s much easier to use than the older method of lath and plaster.

Another place where Drywall in Long Beach can be a problem is around floor level and behind doors. These areas can take damage from people kicking them, furniture banging into them, doors being slammed into them and many other minor disasters. In the cases of small types of damage it may be possible to repair the problem with some wall plaster, but larger damage will likely require the drywall be cut away and replaced. Of course, you may be able to fix much of the problem cosmetically, but the best option is to replace the damaged drywall properly. The process is usually quick with the longest delay being the drying time of the joint compound. You can learn your options concerning drywall repair by visiting websites like us