Baby shower cakes are a must

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There are two different baby shower cakes and all expectant mothers look forward to seeing both of them. One is the real thing, a cake that has been baked and decorated, in many cases the decoration was made using a sleeping baby mold; the other is a diaper cake. A diaper cake can look very much like the real edible counterpart but is made from diapers and other small supplies that are used when changing the new baby. Both cakes are really a lot of fun at a shower, the real thing is appreciated as it can add to the party atmosphere and obviously a diaper cake provides the new mom with her first supply of cloth diapers.

Edible baby shower cakes can be something purchased from a local bakery to a rather elaborate cake usually baked by the soon-to-be mom’s girl friends which includes all sorts of little sayings, probably a mini-baby made from a sleeping baby’s mold-3 cavity and other baby related themes. As well as a sleeping baby there are many other molds available; little ducks, blocks and elephants are always popular. Most expectant mothers have had a scan and they know the sex of their baby, the décor will accommodate this in color and trinkets.

Although the décor of a shower cake can be anything, the cake itself is something else. The expectant mother may have likes and dislikes; perhaps she has a taste for lemon or has a particular craving for plain old chocolate. Whatever the expectant mom wants she can certainly have, it is a given that she will appreciate it and hopefully all the other shower guests will like it as well.

A baby shower cake is unlike other cakes when it comes to decorating as it follows a specific theme. A birthday cake can be anything, if the birthday boy is a hunter, the cake can follow that theme, if he’s into car racing; it can follow that theme. This is not the case with a baby shower cake; there is only one theme, although it can be tailored to either a little girl or little boy. There are plenty of cake decorating classes that feature baby shower cakes and there are online suppliers where you can get a sleeping baby mold.