Back Pain Is Not Just A Sign Of Getting Older

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Health

The human body really is an amazing example of interconnected systems working together. The human spine, more correctly known as the vertebral column, is a highly flexible work of engineering that allows us to move, twist, turn and position our entire body. Consisting of 24 individual and movable vertebrae and 9 fused vertebrae, it also provides protection for the spinal cord, the nerve bundle that allows messages to move between the body and the brain.

Sometimes, due to injury, trauma, illness or genetic conditions, people of any age in New Jersey can experience mild to severe back pain. NJ doctors that specialize in pain management are often called in to provide pain relief through a range of different types of possible treatment options. Unfortunately, prior to the specialist getting involved, many people wait a considerable amount of time and experience significant back pain. NJ patients experiencing pain may not realize that the symptoms they are dealing with can be effectively reduced if not completely managed.

The most common misconception is that back pain, for NJ patients or those living across the country, is a normal part of the aging process. Back pain that occurs in the lower, middle or upper sections of the spine is usually a sign of some type of trauma or injury. This injury or damage may have happened years ago and may not have been treated or it can be because of current stress or injury. Getting to the root of the problem is critical to prevent back pain from becoming more problematic as you age.

Complaints of back pain in NJ medical practices are some of the most common reasons for patients to come in and see their doctor. Often there are predictable spikes in cases of back pain based on the seasons of the year. The first snowstorm when people are out shoveling, in the spring when people are gardening and mowing, and in the fall months when raking leaves are key times for increases in back pain complaints to doctors.

Seasonal back pain in NJ based on changes in activity such as lifting, pushing, pulling or bending, is not just about getting on in age. It has to do with failing to stretch, get regular exercise and to maintain a healthy weight. Talk to your doctor or see a back pain specialist to develop a preventive routine that will help avoid these seasonal issues that contribute to back problems and pain.

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