The Workers Compensation Benefits in Lafayette is Better Accomplished by an Attorney

The workers compensation laws are created to ensure that a worker who is injured in a job related accident does not lose all of his income while he is unable to work. These laws also provide for a settlement if the worker may never return to his job or an equivalent job again. The law provides for a weekly payment for a number of weeks while the worker is healing, and this payment is a percentage of the worker’s regular wages.

In many injuries, the worker will heal before his compensation expires, and this is an ideal situation for the worker. However, there are many cases where the injury lasts longer or it results in a complete disability. This is where the case can get difficult, because there are provisions in the worker’s compensation law for a complete settlement of the worker’s losses if he cannot return to work again.

Rarely can a Workers Compensation Benefits in Lafayette case proceed past the weekly payments without the intervention of an attorney who specializes in the worker’s compensation law. Workers compensation cases always turn into a battle when the worker attempts to collect everything he is entitled to.

The Workers Compensation Benefits in Lafayette often involve complicated medical issues which turn into the dispute that prevents an easy resolution to the case. It is important to engage the services of an attorney from the beginning so they can follow your course of treatment and its progress. They will be well prepared to step into the battle for extended benefits and to pursue the final settlement if necessary. An informed attorney will always be better equipped to solve problems than one who isn’t informed.

Often, the final argument involves a medical prognosis which the insurance company is well prepared to fight. It is absolutely essential for an attorney to also know the medical prognosis so he can be prepared to argue the case successfully. It is at this point that the well prepared and aggressive side will prevail. An injured worker should never go more than one week without engaging the services of a workers compensation attorney.

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