What to Expect from a Root Canal in San Jose

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No one likes a root canal, but sometimes the inevitable comes to us all. The great thing about a root canal in San Jose is that the procedure is practically painless and it can be done in a single visit or two. Many people do not realize the sheer magnitude of why a procedure like this is needed. Most just look at the negative impact. However, as all dentists will preach religiously, prevention and regular visits to the dentist is the only way to side-step a root canal.

What happens during a root canal?

If you need local anesthesia, your dentist will take a few moments before the procedure begins and inject you with anesthesia. The dentist will separate the tooth from the rest of the mouth, with a thin layer of rubber. This will stop the spread of any infection and prevent you from swallowing anything during the procedure. The dental professional will make tiny a hole in the tooth and remove diseased or dead pulp.

The hole might need to be broadened to ensure that it can be used correctly. This part of the procedure can take a few hours or it may take you returning for a second visit. If the canal is brutally damaged, this part of the process may be the only thing your dentist does during the first visit. The dentist will place temporary fillings in the tooth as this will keep it closed until you return for further treatment. But, if the tooth isn’t damaged too much, the dentist can put permanent fillings in, sealing the tooth. An x-ray will be taken to evaluate things before filling the tooth.

If you already have temporary fillings, the dentist will remove it and replace them with permanent ones. Then they will seal the tooth, preventing infection and any further damage from occurring. If a risk of damage to the tooth arises again, the dentist may suggest a placing a crown. This is a cap which fits over the tooth.

What to expect after

Generally, you can leave when you feel up to it. After administration of local anesthesia, it may be several hours before your mouth sensation returns to normal. You might need pain medication to relieve any discomfort when the effects of anesthesia wear off. If you require pain relief, try taking OTC analgesics. For more information about a root canal in San Jose, visit California Shine Dental today .