Backyard playground equipment

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There is no kid that would not love to have a backyard playground; this allows the child to have a great deal of fun by himself as well as with his or her little friends. Discount playground equipment is available which allows for the development of a great backyard set-up.

The staple of all backyard playgrounds is the swing set, these sets have been around for many years and can be nothing more than a couple of swings or they may include a glider, ladders, rope swings and slides. In the not too distant past, the common material for making swing sets was metal and in some cases, wood was used. Today, most discount playground equipment made from high quality plastic which is extremely durable and safe. Other pieces of backyard playground equipment includes slides, climbing walls, merry go rounds and see-saws.

Swing sets are another all time favorite piece of playground equipment. These swings are built from a large frame, usually substantial metal poles which have been given a treatment which withstands the weather. The swing normally has as few as one or multiple chains hanging from the cross bar, the chains are connected to a seat made from body hugging flexible material. To reduce the possibility of a small cut or chaffing from the chains, they are using
plastic coated for safety.

To further enhance safety in the backyard playground, it is most advisable that a soft surface be placed under and around the equipment. The best flooring is made from rubber tiles which absorb shock in the event a child falls and they also are skid resistant which stops inadvertent slipping while the child is running around between the various pieces of equipment.

Slides can be part of the swing set or they can be standalone individual units. Rarely is metal used anymore, not only does it begin to deteriorate quickly; it can get very hot, certainly hot enough to burn sensitive skin. Today, the best slides are made from plastic; they are impervious to rot or decay and are significantly cooler to play on than metal. Plastic slides can also be manufactured to include curves and bumps, features which are not possible when the material is rigid metal.