Dentistry in Maryland

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Maryland has a long historical relationship with the world of dentistry, having the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, right in the heart of the state. As the oldest public university that concentrates on dentistry, it is also known as the birthplace of the degrees as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Initially founded in 1840, by Dr. Hayden and Dr. Harris—with Harris becoming the first dean, as well as professor for practical dentistry—the college thrived and became the ‘go to’ college for all potential dental students of the time. Hayden passed away in 1844, leaving Harris as the 2nd President.

The two dentists both had the same sense of worker ethic and recognized that there needed to be a systematic method of formal education. They teamed up to open the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery so that future students could learn correct and emerging methods of dentistry. They worked out a curriculum that could give the best benefit to all students and gradually helped to establish a nationally recognized teaching method.

Establishing a Standard

The BCDS—Baltimore College of Dental Surgery—also became the standard for national dentistry schools around the entire country, and in 1873 the Maryland Dental College was founded, along with following schools of similar natures, including Howard College, WA in 1867. The history of the dental school is such a success that a new twelve story building was completed at the end of 2006 in downtown Baltimore, costing an estimated $140,000,000 and is the highest amount spent on any academic establishment in the entire state of Maryland.

The standards established by the school were and still are compliant with all the newest and emerging modern technologies as well as recognized dental practices and methods. Dentists in Hartford County, MD are very likely to have studied at the BCDS and will likely have completed their education there. Other practices taught at the school would likely include dental implants, how to treat cavities, how to perform oral exams, how to clean teeth correctly, how to perform minor and major dental surgeries, such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, root canal work or restoration. There are extremely high standards set across the country and no dentist is allowed to practice without completing a license application at the end of their training.

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