Basement Waterproofing in West Chester PA Protects Homes

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Foundation Repair

Sloshing around in a flooded basement is rarely regarded as a fun activity. Furniture, appliances and stored goods are frequently damaged or destroyed when basements flood from melting snow or prolonged rains. However, flooding can be eliminated by taking steps offered by area professionals trained to provide basement waterproofing in West Chester, PA. There are two basic methods of eliminating basement flooding.

Interior waterproofing is preferred by many homeowners, since there is no need to dig up the area around a home. Interior flooding can often be controlled by sealing leaks, installing perimeter drainage systems and providing sump pumps to remove water. Typically, water enters around cracks in walls or floors, but it can also enter at areas around windows or exterior doors. Each type of leak requires specific techniques to prevent water from entering the area. Minor leaks are easily controlled, but major leaking often requires more extensive steps if future water damage is to be eliminated. Contractors evaluate the leaks and provide homeowners with options for achieving the best long-term results.

In many neighborhoods, interior waterproofing will not yield the results necessary. Exterior waterproofing is often the best alternative, especially in areas plagued with heavy soils that do not drain well. Basement Waterproofing in West Chester PA experts remove the soil around basement walls, repair any damage to the wall materials, and install a membrane designed to prevent water from entering the basement area. Drainage tile systems are often incorporated to assist in draining water from the area around the home.

Site improvements may also be recommended to encourage drainage away from the home. Those recommendations may include installation of gutter systems to eliminate flooding around the foundation or re-sloping the ground to provide better drainage. While that might simply mean providing a slight slope away from the home, it may also mean other site work, like swales, to further improve drainage.

Area contractors like Keystone Foundation Repair Inc. work closely with homeowners to evaluate the site and structure before making recommendations. They consider the type of construction, neighboring structures, and soil conditions before making any suggestions. They understand how important a dry basement can be, and work to ensure water problems are resolved permanently.

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