3 Unusual Uses For Woven Lanyards

by | Jun 10, 2014 | Business

There are a wide range of uses for a basic lanyard. These are commonly used to attach ID badges and swipe access cards to the person for both ease of identification and ease of access. This is particularly true for access cards where you need to swipe them at all doors and through different departments or secure areas of workplace.

Woven lanyards that are durable, strong and also fully customized make a great addition to several other events as well. While they might not be as commonly associated with the use of lanyards they are certainly events that lend themselves to this versatile item.

Family Reunions

If you have ever been to a big family reunion then you know that not everyone knows or recognizes everyone else. To avoid the embarrassment of having to ask, providing woven lanyards in different colors for different families are very helpful. With the various branches of the family tree having their own color lanyard and then their name in the ID badge holder the problem is solved for gathering, grouping and identifying who is related and how.

Team Events

Team tournaments and events can be confusing for kids, coaches and parents alike. You can order woven lanyards with each participating teams name and colors and provide them to all participants. This makes identification quick and easy for everyone involved. They also make great collectables for after the event is over.

Networking Opportunities

Networking groups and organizations have sprung up in many different areas. Providing participants with lanyards with the name of the organizing group and a name card in a large sized badge holder is a great way to get people meeting and talking. By choosing an over-sized badge holder you can also provide room for business cards in the back, helping everyone to keep track of who they have met throughout the event.

There are many more uses for woven lanyard if you just stop and think creatively. They are standby items for many businesses and organizations, but they are also a fun and creative way to keep people identified and organized.

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