Bates Exterminating Can Rid Your Home and Yard of Nasty Creatures

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If you run across the path of a Norway rat which has teeth 7 inches long because he hasn’t found any wood to chew on, you should first reach for the telephone and call the exterminator. These big guys are nothing to play with. They can be dangerous and they will bite if cornered. Most people will not run into this character.

Homeowners will encounter these creatures:

  • Skunks
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Ordinary Rats
  • Snakes

Some of these will get into your home attic or your garage attic to create a home for themselves and they will create a mess that is unforgettable. You do not want to deal with these creatures directly, but instead call Bates Exterminating. Don’t let the problem go and grow, because it will grow rapidly. Insects can take over the home if they are allowed to go unchecked. Termites can be the most threatening creatures because they are so invasive and they breed so quickly. When termites get started on the wood in your home, they will attack anything made of wood. The only way you will know they are working on drywall is the hole they make to shove out the fecal matter when it gets to be too much inside of the walls. You will notice a pile of sawdust-like material on the floor beneath the hole and the pest control person can tell you if this is caused by termites.

Lawn Spraying Ft. Lauderdale

Your yard plays host to a lot of bugs which you can get rid of by spraying the lawn to move them on to another place or kill them. While many of the lawn bugs may not be dangerous, they will nonetheless be troublesome if they buildup. The outside of your home makes an impression on anyone who passes by so you care about this impression being a good one.

Bed Bugs Are A Nuisance

That is not to say they do not pose a health threat because they do bite the humans in the room and draw a little blood. It is difficult to imagine anyone leaving these creatures go and multiply. The female can lay hundreds of eggs during her lifetime so it might be a good idea to get her out of the house. Of course, you cannot spot a female so the trick is to get all of the bedbugs out. Bates Exterminating can handle this task. Follow us on Google Plus.

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