Determination of Negligence and Personal Injury Attorneys in Corona, CA

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An important task for personal injury attorneys in Corona, CA is to show that defendants were negligent in each and every case. If personal injury lawyers are unable to prove that defendants are negligent, the compensation due to victims may be significantly reduced or completely eliminated. Since most clients are hired on a contingency basis, lawyers would end up working for no compensation to the law firm if they were unsuccessful in proving negligence. That is why proving negligence is so important in personal injury cases.

Ideally, personal injury attorneys in Corona, CA will be able to show that the defendant is completely negligent in an accident. In other words, lawyers need to show that the action or inaction of the defendant led to the accident that caused the client’s injury. For example, if the defendant ran a red light just prior to getting into a collision with the plaintiff’s car, that would be sufficient to prove negligence. On the other hand, if the plaintiff was driving drunk, that may change the amount of negligence attributed to each side. On occasion, defendants are able to prove that the plaintiff was at least partially negligent.

Even if negligence is proven, that does not mean the clients of personal injury lawyers automatically win. It is also necessary to show that the damages claimed by the plaintiff were a result of the defendant’s negligence. This can sometimes be difficult for personal injury lawyers to prove, especially if the victim has previous medical conditions or accidents that could cause the same injuries. Many defense lawyers will try to create doubt that injuries resulted from the accident allegedly caused by the defendant.

Although personal injury lawsuits are almost always settled out of court, the degree of negligence will be a major factor. If the case had gone to a jury, jurors would decide on the amount of negligence applied to the defendant as well as the plaintiff. As a result, settlement amounts will vary considerably depending on the personal injury lawyer’s ability to show that the defendant was negligent. That is why determination of negligence is so critical in every personal injury case. Those that want to learn more about personal injury lawsuits should click here for more.