Beautify Your Home With Unique Ceramic Tiles in Colorado Springs

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Classic home design in Colorado Springs is often difficult to improve upon, but many modern designs manage to do so with the use of stone and ceramic tile. These materials typically find use as a quality flooring material or cabinet counter-top because they are extremely durable and come in a variety of wonderful colors and styles. For example, stone can come from quartz, marble or granite with each having a specific look, yet each type of stone has a huge array of grains and colors to select from. While stone offers the high end design certain touches, ceramic tile is often much more affordable for the average homeowner’s budget.

Ceramic tiles in Colorado Springs are generally thin, flat squares baked from a hard clay although some may make use of plastics as well. Most are designed for functional purposes such as counter-top installation of floor coverings, but some are also used for decorative reasons. An experienced tile installer can arrange tile floors or back-splashes in unique designs that give your home a special look all it’s own. In the past most ceramic tile was formed by hand which gave it a distinctive look. Unfortunately, this hand made tile didn’t always have the best quality and those that did could cost a fortune. However, much of this hand made tile was also hand painted which allowed for some very interesting designs in home decor.

Surprisingly, the use of tile as a decorating method has been around for several thousand years. Because it was often used for selective decorating purposes the methods of tile creation were a closely guarded secret. The first uses of decorative tile were believed to be in the near east, but the art of decorative tile was perfected in Persia. These tiles were rarely used for functional purposes such as the kitchen or bathroom back-splashes or floor coverings instead finding purpose as wall decorations in the mansions of the wealthy.

Ceramic Tiles in Colorado Springs, come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors and merchants like Sol Granite Stone & Tile Center can help you select the ones that suit your decor. By placing unique tile selections in your home you can increase both it’s beauty and it’s value. Custom kitchens are one of the hottest upgrades currently in demand with home buyers and the best way to achieve a unique kitchen is with ceramic tile.