The Importance of Corrosion Resistance in Engineering

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It should be obvious that certain industries will naturally require the use of more robust materials than others. Therefore, different metal and structural tolerances are frequently encountered. Unfortunately, traditional steel and other common materials may not be sufficient to counteract certain stresses and conditions. There is perhaps nowhere that this is truer than in the world of aircraft engineering. Therefore, innovative and often times unique solutions must be discovered. One example of this can be seen in what is known as an Inconel 600 bar. Let us have a brief look at some of the main attributes of this material and its uses in the aircraft and aerospace industry.


Also known by the names of Ferrochronin 600 and Nickelvac 600, this bar is an alloy of steel and nickel. The unique properties of this combination allow the metal to be remarkably resistant to heat and corrosion. Another quality worth noting is that the Inconel 600 bar can be easily formed. It will normally only require “cold work” to be strengthened and hardened; of particular importance in the aerospace industry.


Of course, this bar is available in several different dimensions; each dependant on the intended use of the product. Most suppliers will offer it I wrought for in up to a staggering nine inches in diameter. Should different sizes and shapes be required, it is frequent that the supplier will make these packages to-order. This is a natural concern for aircraft manufacture, as there are likely times when a great deal of variation is needed.

Inconel 600 Bar Uses

The Inconel 600 bar products enjoys a number of different uses. As should be expected, many of these will revolve around locations of the plane that will be continually subjected to heat, corrosion or both. Some examples of these needs can include exhaust systems, engine parts, turbofans and indeed any area where temperatures are expected to regularly exceed those that can be accommodated by traditional steel or aluminium alloys.

Due to the number of retailers that are to be found on the Internet, many designers will order this type of bar through online supply house. Not only is this a much more cost-effective option, but the exact dimensions and strengths can be specified; thus allowing for a higher return on investment while not sacrificing safety or integrity. These are some of the main characteristics of this type of alloy that is used so widely in the 21st century aerospace industry.