Benefits of Selling Gold to Gold Buyers

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Are you thinking about selling some gold because you want or need the money or because the gold is of no use to you? Many people have old jewelry sitting in a jewelry box or safe deposit box that they’d like to convert to cash. There are some pros and cons of selling gold to gold buyers in Detroit versus selling gold to someone privately in Detroit, for example.

Gold Buyers Benefits:

Dealing with gold buyers in Detroit has some definite advantages. They will quickly appraise your gold and offer you money on the spot. This could be a great way to make fast money and you could even sell broken gold to them, as well as gold jewelry pieces that are intact.

Gold Buyer Cons:

Selling gold to a gold buyer may get you less money for your gold than you would get if you sold it privately. You get the benefit of a specific rate and fast money but this could mean that you give up some of the value for that convenience.

Private Gold Selling Benefits:

Selling gold privately in Detroit could net you more money than selling to gold buyers in Detroit. People may buy based on the look and perceived value of the gold rather than buy in bulk with the intention of having it turned into gold bullion. This could mean more money for you.

Private Gold Selling Cons:

Selling gold privately could take much longer than selling it to a gold buyer. Listing an item for sale on a classified site, for example, opens you up to risk of time wasters as well as those who want to haggle with you. Some people aren’t happy with the safety concerns with selling something valuable to a stranger, as well.

If you want to sell your gold and want convenience, it’s wise to go to a gold buyer. Pawn shops are increasingly offering great deals for your broken gold as well as other gold jewelry. You can also ask for an appraisal without being forced to sell. By asking for an appraisal you can find out how much your gold is worth and then decide whether or not to sell.

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