Benefits of Using an Independent Pharmacy in Ledyard, CT

If you have ever waited in line for a really long time only to feel brushed off by the pharmacist that you had some questions for, then you are not alone. Feeling like you are being pushed aside and your concerns don’t matter is becoming a typical scenario as the large retail pharmacies continue to cause local businesses to fold. But when you think about, you can’t help but wonder if there are any other options. You may go to those chain drug stores because you don’t realize that there is a choice, but independent pharmacies offer many benefits that you simply won’t get from the big guys.The personal attention you get from an independent Pharmacy in Ledyard, CT is something you won’t get from a large chain.

When you walk I you will actually feel welcome, and wouldn’t it be nice to have a pharmacist that takes the time to talk to you about all of your concerns and treats you like an individual that matters? Another benefit of using an independent pharmacy is that shopping locally supports small businesses, which in turn puts more money back into your community. Using a large chain store, on the other hand, does little to benefit anyone except the higher ups in the company seeking to make themselves richer.You can get many of the vaccinations you need at an independent Pharmacy in Ledyard, CT as well. Instead of going to a chain drug store where you are treated like nothing but a number, you can get your flu shot from the pharmacist you know and trust. Most independent pharmacies offer the common vaccines, such as flu and pneumonia, but may also carry others, so be sure to ask.Another common perk of independent pharmacies is delivery service. While many pharmacies offer the service, the prescriptions are filled somewhere off site so they have no control over when they will be delivered. Your independent pharmacist can fill your prescription and have it delivered to your home in no time.So next time you need a prescription filled, think about going to your local independent pharmacy to explore all the benefits they have to offer you. You can get the personalized attention you deserve, and feel good about doing something for the community, too.