Understanding The Services Offered By Cloud Computing Service Providers

Cloud computing has been able to shorten the gap between computer users and the location of their data and resources. Thanks to cloud computer a computer user is able to access their data from anywhere in the world at any time. In fact, thanks to cloud computing and the Internet time and location is no longer an issue for just about anything.

Delivering cloud computing resources on the Internet is a service that would usually be provided by Cloud Computing Service Providers. This makes the number of things that you would Contact Curt Burnside for Cloud Computing consultation pretty great. There are three basic service models that cloud computing companies prefer to use including:

  • IAAS: Infrastructure as a Service

  • SAAS: Software as a Service

  • PAAS: Platform as a Service

These three models define the foundation for web hosting service as well by determining what necessary features are needed to host a website. IAAS is the model that provides the basic structure that would be needed for servers, storage houses, and virtual machines, anything that might be used to access a website or data that a user has stored. SAAS allows cloud computing providers to eliminate your need to install software and use it. When you use SAAS, all of the software you need will be installed on the cloud. This means that you will be able to access the software from any computer. PAAS will provide you with an operating system, an environment that is executed by a programming language, a database, and a web server. PAAS will provide you with a platform for which your software and infrastructure has already been arranged.

Cloud computing services do not just end with the basic models of their services. The services offered by Cloud Computing Service Providers such as this include anything that might make utilizing a computer a little easier to do. If there is a repetitive or tedious task that you perform on the Internet on a regular basis, Cloud Computing Service Providers consultation at Veritivity can help you. You will sit down with a representative of Veritivity and explain your situation. They will tell you what they can do to help you.