Blu-Ray DVD Authoring – Before You Pull Your Hair Out

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Business

If you’ve ever visited a forum where people are attempting Blu-ray DVD authoring or if you’ve ever tried it yourself, you’ve likely seen someone declaring, “I’m going to pull my hair out!” Menus disappear, subtitles error out, and there are endless reasons to repeat the process only to find the discs won’t work. If you intend on making Blu-rays in the long run and have the time and money to eventually figure out how to do it seamlessly, keep trying. If not, hiring a pro to do the job may be your best option.

Products for Profits

Offering customers the choice of Blu-ray discs makes good business sense. People appreciate having a variety of products available. They see Blu-ray technology as something both new and successful. That increases the value they see in you. As a bonus, if they’re already Blu-ray fans, they’ll feel like you have something in common. Supporting Blu-ray helps turn customers into friends.

Unfortunately, screwing up a Blu-ray project is going to destroy that image fast. A professional will take the investment you make in their services and turn it into a winner for your business. The time, energy and sanity saved will be worth the boost to your profits.

Personal Projects

Home video preservation, particularly that of important events like weddings, has become a popular reason behind new Blu-ray DVD authoring projects. In the past, people flocked to pros to transfer their reels to VHS and their VHS to DVD. Now that home video cameras record in HD, amateur videographers want to save those memories in the highest quality possible. For today’s market, that means Blu-ray. Unfortunately, figuring it out and paying for all the software needed may be a far bigger investment than just hiring the job out.

You don’t need to pay thousands to get this job done. Searching for someone who already has experience can provide you with a finished project at a surprisingly low cost. For typical video camera users, contracting the job out makes much more sense than figuring the whole process out. DVDs can be easily made from home. Unfortunately, software hasn’t been created yet that makes the same true for Blu-ray projects.

There’s something to be said for tackling a difficult job and seeing it through to the end. There’s also something said for a full head of hair. Torturing yourself with the particulars of Blu-ray DVD authoring makes no sense unless it’s going to be part of your regular routine. If what you’re facing is a singular project, do yourself a favor and find a trusted, experienced professional to make your discs instead.
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