Buying Quality Bud From a Marijuana Store in Spokane

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In their younger days, most people didn’t care what their weed looked like or where they purchased it from. These people were just happy to have some because the choices were so limited. With the legalization of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes, consumers no longer have to settle for whatever they can get their hands on. Consumers can now head over to their favorite marijuana store in Spokane for the best bud.

What Does Low-Quality Marijuana Look Like?

Before we start talking about what high-quality weed looks like, let’s first discuss what to avoid. You want to avoid anything sold in a back alley or anything that looks as if it could be sold there.

If the marijuana being offered is brown and dry-looking, stay clear from it. Low-quality bud with dried, loose leaves won’t help anybody. Stems and seeds mixed in with the leaves are also something else to steer clear of, as they provide no kind of value at all. Finally, if it smells dry or earthy, stay away. All that low-quality marijuana in Spokane does is give you a lazy high with a killer headache.

How to Find Good Marijuana in Spokane

When it comes to high-quality bud, there are two categories. Mids, which are placed on the middle shelves in most dispensaries, give consumers a good high without spending a lot of money. Mids have a sticky but dry feel to them and offer a strong, fresh marijuana smell.

Top-shelf marijuana placed on the upper shelves in a marijuana store in Spokane is the best weed that money can buy. The first thing anybody notices with top-shelf weed is its pungent smell. This high-quality bud should have a white, sticky residue all over with plenty of colorful pistils.